You arrive at work to find out an employee has lost their keys to the building or you discover that someone had their purse stolen. Call Big Dog Lock N Key to rekey your building. Same day service at no extra charge available in most cases. Dial 303-777-7144 for immediate lock rekeying service in Denver, Colorado.

We prioritize customer satisfaction when repairing locks and completing commercial locksmith projects, but don’t just take our word for it. One recent client said:

“Larry showed up on time and worked very quickly. He took the time to answer all of my questions and impart some valuable advice on general lock and key issues. I will definitely be recommending Larry to my friends and coworkers as well as calling him myself for any future needs.” – Stephanie J.

You, too, can benefit from Big Dog Lock-N-Key’s knowledge.

Commercial Lock Re-keying/Repair

Rekeying your existing locks is the most economical way to restore confidence in the building security. Whether a purse is stolen, keys have been lost, or because of employee turnover. Rekeying the lock means that we maintain your existing hardware and by changing the pins/tumblers within the cylinders, the old keys will no longer work and only the new keys will. We can even provide you with Keys that have “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on them to help maintain key control.

Master keying is the process of taking a series of locks within a building and keying them so that there is a single “Master Key” or sometimes referred to as “Grand Master Key” which could open every door within the building or campus. Each of these doors/locks could then have a subordinate key that is unique to that particular door and only opens the lock(s) assigned to that sub key. For example, you could have a Master key that opens every door on a 3 story building. You could then have 3 “Sub Master Keys”, one “Sub Master Key” that opens every door on the assigned floor. Then you would/could have a unique Subordinate key assigned to each door in the building but it only opens the one door it is assigned to open. This would allow certain managers to have access to their areas of supervision but not other areas i.e. different floor. Management or Maintenance/Security could have a key that opens every door throughout the building. Typically you would have a single Master Key and Subordinate key but depending on the business needs or security regulations trying to fulfill, we can add Subordinate Masters and configure the Master Key system to fit your needs. Fill free to call the experts at Big Dog Lock N Key to discuss Master Keying options you might like to consider.

Interchangeable core cylinder

Interchangeable core cylinders provide higher security than normal locks and provide the ability to quickly change out cylinders to new keys without removing the lock mechanism. By providing additional spare cores staff members or management can quickly change out the cylinder if keys are lost, stolen or if there’s a change in personnel. The old core can then be re-keyed when convenient and it’s not an emergency situation. These types of cylinders are easily adapted for master keying systems when dealing with larger buildings or businesses trying to fulfill regulatory requirements. Call Big Dog Lock N Key at 303-777-7144 to discuss installing or rekeying Interchangeable Core cylinders at your location.

Detex Exit Alarms

Detex Exit Alarms are common exit devices throughout the retail industry. It is a common type of panic device that meets Fire Code allowing patrons’ to exit a facility in case of emergency but an alarm will sound alerting employees that someone has exited through the door in case it was not an emergency. These are typically battery operated and hence would need to have the battery changed once a year or every couple of years. These devices can be setup to use an Interchangeable Core Cylinder if your business uses these types of cylinders. Depending on the amount of usage the device/door actually gets, it’s not uncommon for repairs to be necessary. There are various types of Detex devices and Big Dog Lock N Key over the years has worked on numerous ones. Don’t hesitate to call 303-777-7144 to have your device repaired, replaced or have a new one installed.

4 ways to tighten your building’s security and protect your business from burglary<

Perhaps your Denver, CO business needs additional security. Consider these suggestions for optimized surveillance:
1. If the entrance to your business has double doors, these are usually installed with a 3 point locking system.  It’s not un-common for one of those points to fail and most people think they’re just as secure with 2 points.  They’re NOT!  You can usually have this repaired for less than $100.00 which is far less expensive than discovering that a thief was able to gain access to your business.

2. Know what types of locks you have and what options are available.  Flip bolts, hook bolts, dead latches are the three most common types.  Does your door need a latch protector?

3. Anti-wrench collars can be added to your mortise cylinders for less than $5.00 and it can prevent a thief from using a pipe wrench to break open the front door lock.

4. Have a high end security lock and security system monitoring the front door and windows and you think you’re safe?  We’ve seen thieves break into the      office/business adjacent which had no protection, then cut through the drywall and gain access without ever setting off the alarm system.  It happens more than you think.

If you have questions about hardware repair or installation, reach out to Big Dog Lock-N-Key.