Make Those Old Keys Obsolete

Make Those Old Keys Obsolete

Find commercial rekeying services in Denver, CO

Your building isn’t secure anymore. Perhaps someone’s keys were stolen or lost. Maybe a few employees who were let go never turned in their keys. You can’t risk the possibility of unauthorized individuals having access to your building. You can count on Big Dog Lock-N-Key of Denver, CO to re-key the locks on your property so the old keys cannot be used.

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How does rekeying secure a property?

If the security of your property has been compromised, re-keying your locks is a great way to restore safety. Here’s how the re-keying process works:

  1. The original lock hardware is maintained
  2. The pins and tumblers within the cylinders are changed and require new keys
  3. New keys are stamped “Do Not Duplicate” to maintain key control

Trust Big Dog Lock-N-Key to update the locks on your commercial property.