We’ve Got the Key to Your Security Problems

We’ve Got the Key to Your Security Problems

Implement a master key system on your Denver, CO property

Plenty of people have access to your building, but you don’t want everyone to have access to everything. Big Dog Lock-N-Key of Denver, CO offers master key systems that allow you to provide specified access to areas with certain keys. We can create a certain order of keys to make it easier to provide entry to the right people.

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Provide access only to those who need it

The master key system is a hierarchy that offers different levels of access to different key holders. Here is how the system is structured:

  • Grand Master Key: Opens every door within a building or on campus
  • Sub Master Key: Opens every door on a particular floor or sector of a building
  • Subordinate Key: Only opens one door

Consult with Big Dog Lock-N-Key about securing your commercial space with a master key system.