Save Money by Rekeying Your Locks

Save Money by Rekeying Your Locks

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Whenever you purchase a new home or give a third party access to your home, you should get your existing locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith service in Denver, CO.

Our process is simple. One of our technicians will visit your home, remove your lock and update your lock cylinder. This will render your old keys useless, which prevents others from entering your home.

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3 reasons to rekey your locks

If you've recently purchased a new home with existing locks, you might be stuck trying to decide whether to replace or rekey the locks. Though changing the locks is a viable option, the experts at Big Dog Lock-N-Key suggest getting them rekeyed instead. Here are three benefits of rekeying your locks in Denver, Colorado:

  1. Rekeying is often cheaper than replacing the whole lock.
  2. You can keep your existing hardware.
  3. You can reduce the number of keys you carry.

If you need to have locks at your home rekeyed, contact us today.