You Shouldn’t Have to Wait Around for a Locksmith

You Shouldn’t Have to Wait Around for a Locksmith

Big Dog Lock-N-Key offers quick Denver, CO service

Perhaps your guard dog looks intimidating, but he wouldn’t harm a soul. Big Dog Lock-N-Key can bolster your residential property with electronic push button locks , additional dead bolts and lock repairs. Your children, belongings and friendly fur-ball won’t fall into the wrong hands. Request a free estimate for our Denver, Colorado locksmith services when you call 303-777-7144.

4 tips we won’t keep under lock and key

As lock repair experts in Denver, we have some tips for maximizing your home’s security and protecting your home from burglary:
1. Install double cylinder deadbolts (also referred to as a double sided deadbolt) on any and all doors with a glass section or on doors located near a window.  A double cylinder deadbolt is one that requires a key on the inside to lock and unlock the door. If the glass is broken and the thief try’s to reach in and unlock the door, they’ll quickly discover they need a key. 

2. Secure your doggy doors when leaving town or putting Fido in the kennel.  Dogs make a great deterrent for thieves, they simply continue on looking for an easier target. But when Fido passes away and it’s obvious that you no longer have a dog, make sure that you secure or completely remove the doggy door.

3. Have a well-lit entrance with motion detectors and trim any shrubs around your doors and windows.

4. It’s virtually impossible or at least extremely expensive to make your home 100% burglary proof.  The main goal is always to make your home a less attractive target than the other homes in your neighborhood.  Look at your neighbor’s homes and see what they’ve done to beef up security, if everyone has two deadbolts on their front door and you only have one, you might consider having a locksmith add a second one to yours as well.

“After my home was burglarized and a lock on the outside of my home damaged, I called Big Dog to repair the lock and re-key several other locks. Larry showed up less than 90 minutes after I called him, fixed my lock and gave me some terrific advice how to keep my home safe...I will never use any locksmith but him.” – Sarah I.